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I’ve got 99 problems with The Legend of Korra finale, but wanting Korra to learn the elements all over again ain’t one.

Seriously, every time someone says that Korra should have been forced to relearn all the elements all over again, I want to pull my hair out and scream. Not because I liked the ending, not because that’s not an interesting concept, but because it doesn’t make any sense.

If your bending was stolen from you, it just means that you can’t bend. It does not mean:

  • You’ve suddenly forgotten all the bending forms you’ve been learning over the years, you know, stances, positions, movements, etc.
  • You’ve suddenly forgotten how to tap into whatever energy and mental process that allows you to bend, i.e. drawing from the breath to fire bend, push and pull for waterbending, being rooted in your stance for earthbending, being spiritual and free for airbending
  • You’ve suddenly forgotten all about the lore and history of your bending discipline and that you need to go visit a badger mole or something to pick up earthbending again

It just means that you. can’t. bend.

Nothing is stopping you from doing all the required martial arts the way Korra was practicing her airbending forms when she was trying to pick up airbending. But guess what? No elements are going to be bent if your bending was taken away. You’re just going to be doing regular martial arts. You can hang out with a sky bison all day long, but if you are physically incapable of airbending, it’s just going to be a big waste of time (if airbending is your goal).

It gets more ridiculous when people say that Mako and Bolin would have been given the position of teaching Korra how to firebend and earthbend again.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how about no?

Korra already knows all about the forms and techniques and lore and disciplines attached to both bending forms, she doesn’t need Mako and Bolin to drill them into her head again if she is physically incapable of bending. And frankly, Korra is a better firebender and earthbender than the brothers are, who mostly have experience in pro-bending and not in combat (oh, but that’s right, according to Amon, Mako is suuuuuch a ~prodigy~ because Mako can do no wrong). Korra was taught by MASTERS, let’s not forget. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if anyone should be teaching anyone, she should be teaching THEM.

But whatevs, all of that is moot because Korra got her bending back somehow through energy bending beyond the grave when apparently the problem was bloodbending…? HOW DOES BLOODBENDING “TAKE AWAY” SOMEONE’S BENDING ANYWAY? HOW DO YOU FIX A BLOODBENDING PROBLEM WITH ENERGYBENDING?

If it’s BLOCKING bending with bloodbending that’s one thing, but if that’s the case then we deserve an explanation. Scratch that we are owed an explanation anyway because WHAT DOES PHYSICAL BLOODBENDING HAVE TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL ENERGYBENDING AND SUPPOSEDLY CHAKRAS AND TAKING AWAY SOMEONE’S BENDING AND AAUUUUUGHH

I’m supposed to be on hiatus I’m supposed to be on hiatus I’m supposed to be on hiatus but people keep saying dumb things are we even fans of the same franchise aauuuughhhh

Posted: Sunday 24th June at 1:42pm
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